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5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected During Covid-19

What extraordinary times we are in! Or are they? Being a student of history can help bring some perspective to our social distancing and isolation while our families are at home.

3 Tips for Goal Setting with Your Children

Now that many of us are home wading through the process of helping our kids with school work and balancing our work, it is important to help our kids set and achieve goals.

Why Our Kids Need to Struggle

The English word “spoil” is derived from the Latin word spoliare and comes down to English via the Old French word espillier.

Today, we typically apply the word “spoil” to two categories: food and children. What is interesting is that each one...

Making Christmas Meaningful for Busy Families

If you are like me, the days and weeks leading up to Christmas can be some of the busiest of the entire year. The demands of daily life do not decrease even with the increase in the, albeit joyous, demands that this time of year brings.


5 Ways to Teach Thankfulness in Kids

We spend hours preparing for the Thanksgiving meal with grocery shopping, readying the house for guests and of course the cooking! In the midst of our business, we can lose sight of the goal for the day and become overwhelmed in the details for...