How does the House System Work?

Beginning in 7th grade, students are assigned to a House where they will remain a member until they graduate. Families are kept within the same House. Seniors are the de facto leaders of each of their Houses providing leadership, planning activities, and organizing service projects. Throughout the school year, the four houses participate in an ongoing competition with quarterly rewards which culminates in the House Cup.

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The BCS House System exists to meet the following objectives:

  • Opportunity for interaction and community across grades
  • Leadership training
  • Mentorship by House Leaders
  • Sense of competitive fun and support
  • Community service
  • Increase participation in school events
  • Faculty guidance
  • Cultivate a sense of school pride


The Houses

The four houses are named after four great English authors who have had a significant influence on society and culture, and on classical, Christian education. Below are the details for each house:

House of Chesterton

House of Chesterton

Named for G.K. Chesterton
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Cruz and Miss Klomparens
Colors: Yellow and Blue
Mascot: Eagle
Motto: Fateamur data nobis

Quotation: “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

House of Sayers

House of Sayers

Named for Dorothy Sayers
Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Otto & Mr. Clauson
Colors: Red and Yellow
Mascot: Griffin
Motto: Ne timeamus at quaeramus optima

Quotation: “Here be dragons to be slain, here be rich rewards to gain; If we perish in the seeking, why, how small a thing is death!”

House of Lewis

House of Lewis

Named for C.S. Lewis
Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Backos & Mr. Beatty
Colors: Purple and White
Mascot: Lion
Motto: Fac iustitiam. Dilige misericordiam. Humiliter ambula.

Quotation: “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”

House of Tolkien

House of Tolkien

Named for J.R.R. Tolkien
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Daniels & Mrs. McRoberts
Colors: Gold and Black
Mascot: Dragon
Motto: Consequamur viam

Quotation: “Roads go ever, ever on.”


House Competitions

Throughout the school year, the houses will compete in a unique competition every quarter as well as earn points for participating in and attending special events, academic performance, athletic participation, and good behavior.

Quarterly Points

Every quarter, houses will earn points for a variety of activities listed here:

Special Events Participation

Students who participate in a specified event (choir, MACS competitions, etc.) will receive points for their house. For year-long programs like choir, points will be awarded quarterly (but at a reduced fraction to be spread out).  Not every event is eligible for points--these will be announced well ahead of time.

Attending Special Events

Students who attend a specified event (concerts, sporting events, etc.) will receive points for their house. Not every event is eligible for points--these will be announced well ahead of time.

Academic Performance

Students will earn points for their house for the first three quarters based on their quarter GPA.

Athletic Participation

Students who participate in BCS  sports will earn points for their house. For athletics, the points will be awarded as follows: Fall Sports for 1st quarter; Winter Sports for 2nd quarter; Spring Sports for 3rd quarter.

Good Behavior

Students can earn bonus points throughout the year for displaying a consistent positive attitude, demonstrating school spirit and being a good role model for their peers.

Special Quarterly Competitions

Each quarter special competitions will be held to allow for houses to earn points:
First Quarter: Upper School Retreat
Second Quarter: Speech Meet
Third Quarter: Knowledge Bowl
Fourth Quarter: Field Day

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