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5 Ways to Help Your Student with Remote Learning

My daughter recently came to me frustrated about her remote learning experience. She preferred the school setting for the dedicated attention of the teacher during school day, the lack of distractions of being in a classroom rather than her bedroom...

5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected During Covid-19

What extraordinary times we are in! Or are they? Being a student of history can help bring some perspective to our social distancing and isolation while our families are at home.

5 Ways to Teach Thankfulness in Kids

We spend hours preparing for the Thanksgiving meal with grocery shopping, readying the house for guests and of course the cooking! In the midst of our business, we can lose sight of the goal for the day and become overwhelmed in the details for...

5 Free Outside Summer Activities for Preschoolers

It’s finally summer and school is out!  How do we keep our little ones occupied without the structure of school? We don’t need expensive toys or pool privileges. Going outside with your kids and exploring God’s creation in your own backyard can...