Sophie Klomparens

Rhetoric School Latin and Rhetoric

Serving BCS since 2021




Latin and English Degree; Hillsdale College.

Why I Teach at BCS

I began my lifelong love for language as a classically educated homeschooler in a Christian home where I spent her high school years reading ancient historians like Eusebius and Josephus, English novelists like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, classical Roman authors like Virgil and Caesar, and countless other authors in the Western Canon. My classical training taught me to love learning, and I carried that love of learning with me into my studies at Hillsdale College. I became interested in Bloomfield Christian School because of the school's love for Christ, its emphasis on developing consistently high academic standards, and its aim to provide students with the same kind of classical training that benefited me as a high school student. As a teacher at BCS, I am excited not only to guide students toward a love of learning, but to keep learning along with my students.