Darlene Gomes

Sixth Grade; Stagecraft

Serving BCS since 2017




Master’s in Dramatic Production, Pensacola Christian College; B.S. in Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College.

Why I Teach at BCS

I teach at BCS because it allows me a wonderful opportunity to not only teach students’ minds, but to reach their hearts as well.  Within our classical format, it is a thrill to see the academic growth and excitement for learning cultivated in each student. However at BCS, basic knowledge is not the ultimate goal, rather it is skillfully combined in each subject with a solid Biblical worldview.  As a teacher, it is a joy to have a part in developing young people with a passion for excellence, not merely for the sake of excellence alone, but truly for the glory of God.

I also enjoy coaching students for speech meets, directing drama production, speaking for women’s ministry events.