The mission of Bloomfield Christian School is to teach children Biblical truths and classical academics from a Christian worldview so they may serve as bold and obedient ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

About Us

Bloomfield Christian School is a JK-12th grade, interdenominational, classical-curriculum school founded in 1994 as Christian Leadership Academy. The school is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in the center of Oakland County and minutes from many suburbs as well as Detroit. Bloomfield Christian’s average enrollment is 170 students. BCS is a classical and Christian school dedicated to assisting churched families in teaching students to know, reason, discern, and apply Truth using Scripture and the classical liberal arts, thereby assisting Christian parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility of child training.

Philosophy of Education

Education, as classically conceived, is not primarily for citizenship, or for making money, or for success in life, or for learning a trade, or for a veneer of "culture." Its primary objective is not even to make us culturally literate. The primary purpose of education is not to produce something outside oneself, but to cultivate something within.

Its telos (or purpose) is to help us become more fully human, more fully attentive to God and the things of God, more creative and wonder-filled, more discriminating and wise, more virtuous intellectually and morally – that is, more true, good, and beautiful.

Therefore, at the center of BCS is the Gospel of Christ which frees us to know the truth, to act according to the good, and to love and create the beautiful. We are seeking parents who profess and live out this Gospel as active members in the local church, Christ's bride. 

Classical Christian Education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty by means of the seven liberal arts and the four sciences so that, in Christ, the student is enabled to better know, glorify, and enjoy God and his creation, and is able to lead others to do the same. (Andrew Kern)

Christianity naturally leads to classical education because Christianity teaches respect for the mind as part of the image of God in man, for the world as God's intelligent, designed creation, and respect for human words and creation…In turn, classical education leads to Christianity because classical education seeks all truth for its own sake, and is open to all Truth. (Peter Kreeft)


With respect to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, BCS seeks to:

  1. Teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center.
  2. Provide a clear model of the Biblical Christian life through our Teachers, Staff and the Board.
  3. Encourage every child to begin and develop his or her relationship with God, the Father, through Jesus Christ.

Classical Methodology

With respect to teaching methods, BCS seeks to:

  1. Emphasize a three stage classical model of education in all subjects:
    1. Grammar - fundamental rules of each subject.
    2. Logic - analyzing relationships or particulars in each subject.
    3. Rhetoric - communicating and defending the grammar and logic of each subject.
  1. Model and teach students how to learn through the trivium, by helping them see and practice the grammar, logic, and rhetoric of every discipline

  2. Utilize both both didactic (inductive) and Socratic (deductive) method as appropriate for the subject and age
    1. Didactic includes memorization using the oral/aural approach
    2. Socratic is both pedagogical and mimetic, that is, it is through modeling the asking of good questions the student may in turn ask good questions

  3. Practice (schola) Leisure as time for contemplation, meditation, thoughtfulness, free inquiry, and rumination

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