Christian Education What is Classical Education

What is Christian Education?

At Bloomfield Christian School, a Christian education means providing courses in Old and New Testament, hermeneutics and apologetics to help children develop a Christian worldview.

BCS strives for scholarly content that will teach each student about the major themes of both Old and New Testament, the basics of the Christian faith, and the knowledge and skills to understand and defend our faith. Such teaching is a good starting point for a truly Christian education, and certainly stands in stark contrast to the government-run schools where any mention of God as the creator and sustainer of life must be suppressed.

Our educational model is set in the context of a Christian worldview, where God has revealed the knowledge of His creation to a series of great men throughout the centuries. All knowledge derives from God, and all subjects are a manifestation of this knowledge as applied to the fields of science, mathematics, languages, and the arts.

Furthermore, God’s Word provides us with instruction on how we are to live our lives through Christ’s example and teachings. A Christian worldview, as presented and applied at BCS, guides behavior as well:

  • How students resolve conflicts among themselves
  • How sports teams model the ideals of sportsmanship
  • The study of how great authors and scientists through the ages have felt divine inspiration in their creations and discoveries
  • How students develop respect for authority
  • How parents are to resolve controversies and disagreements that arise
  • If BCS is successful in its mission, a child learns to love learning by first loving God with all his heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:37) and then by learning the beauty of God’s creation through every subject in the curriculum.

The goals of a Christ-centered education at Bloomfield Christian School are

  • To teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center
  • To provide a clear model of the Biblical Christian life through our staff and board
  • To encourage every child to begin and develop his relationship with God, the Father, through Jesus Christ

Bloomfield Christian School’s goals in character development are

  • To teach the Bible and its doctrinal truths as the foundation for all spiritual and ethical development
  • To train the student in self-discipline and responsibility based on submission to God and respect for all other authority
  • To develop a servant’s heart by teaching attitudes of love and respect for all mankind because all are made in the image of God
  • To foster possession of a Christian worldview in the student and to train him to articulate this by integrating this Biblical view in all disciplines as a student and contributor in God’s Kingdom
  • To encourage and assist the student to seek and obey the will of God
  • To assist the student in understanding his special calling and equip him to use it for God’s glory in His Kingdom
  • To impart Biblical attitudes regarding the stewardship of time and material possessions and to encourage the student to exercise this responsibility for God’s glory