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Curriculum Goals


BIBLE:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Have students read the actual text for themselves, not only prescribed verses
  • Have students read the text themselves rather than having it read to them, to develop life long patterns of Bible study
  • Have students read at least one Gospel account, one Epistle, and one Old Testament book each year
  • Encourage students to understand the verses in context, to teach the Bible as the whole counsel of God, along with other good interpretation principles
  • Let the Scriptures speak for themselves with clarifications and illustrations by the teacher
  • Teach the Biblical pattern of salvation of Law before Grace
  • Encourage each student to come to the Father, through the Son, and to grow in his/her knowledge and love of Him
  • Culminate Biblical studies in apologetics so that the students will be able to live a responsible life and defend the Word of God
  • Teach the Bible and its doctrinal truths as the foundation for all spiritual and ethical development

HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Teach history as the unfolding of God’s providential plan as He works in the affairs of nations and cultures
  • Encourage careful historical analysis by including primary sources and biographies
  • Broaden students’ understanding of history and geography as the students mature.  Specifically, begin with local  history and geography in the first grade and sequentially expand the scope of studies to world history in sixth grade
  • Continue studies in the secondary using dialectic and rhetoric skills
  • Make history and geography “come alive” for the students through the use of many forms of information and research such as biographies, illustrations, field trips, music, art, food, and architecture

ENGLISH:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Equip every student with the skills necessary for good writing, including spelling, grammar, style, clarity, etc.
  • Put a major emphasis on good writing by requiring the students to write often and correctly in each subject area
  • Encourage clear thinking by the students through requiring clear writing and speech
  • Introduce the students to many styles of writing using the Bible and other high-quality literature
  • Introduce oral presentations and recitations, culminating with rhetoric, allowing students to polish and refine those skills

SCIENCE:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Show the students that a pre-existent God made the universe.  It has inherent order which makes it possible to hypothesize and experiment (scientific method).  Guided inquiry will reveal to the student the intrinsic law, systems and truths God put into creation.
  • Treat the study of science as a “means to an end,” not an end in itself — that is, curiosity, experimentation, demonstration, and research should be emphasized as the process and way of using science, as opposed to the study of facts.   Facts should be attained as the result of research and discovery versus lecture. By the time the student enters secondary-level science, they should be familiar with the scientific method, through repeated practice
  • Use many forms of instruction to teach scientific concepts and methods, i.e., a large variety of experiments, demonstrations, research projects, illustrations, field trips, guest speakers.

MATHEMATICS:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Ensure that the students have a thorough mastery of basic mathematical functions and tables
  • Put an emphasis on conceptual and practical understanding of math through the frequent use of story problems
  • Emphasize God’s creativity, orderliness, and unchanging character through the timeless, logical mathematical systems He gave to man through His gift of Reason

READING: Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Use intensive phonics as the primary building blocks for teaching students to read
  • Encourage students to read correctly as soon as possible (normally in kindergarten or first grade)
  • Introduce students early to classical, character-building literature through the literature program
  • Carefully monitor the student’s reading abilities to ensure he is at a reasonable level, is comprehending adequately, and is reading fluently, both orally and silently
  • Foster a life-long love of reading and high-quality literature, after being taught to recognize the characteristics of such literature
Foreign Language

FOREIGN LANGUAGE:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Teach Latin as a base for the study of other languages in the high school
  • Use Latin to expand vocabulary through the use of derivatives
  • Learn the system of grammar as expressed in Latin to apply to the study of English and to the study of other foreign languages
    Bloomfield Christian School teaches Latin for two major reasons-


    • Latin is not a “dead language,” but rather a language that lives on in almost all major Western languages including English.  A training in Latin not only gives the student a better understanding of the roots of English vocabulary, but it also lays the foundation for learning other Latin-based languages.
    • Learning the grammar of Latin reinforces the student’s understanding of the reasons for, and the use of, the parts of speech being taught in our traditional English classwork (i.e., plurals, nouns, verbs, prepositions, direct objects, tenses, etc.).

ART:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Teach all our students the basic fundamentals of drawing to enable them to create adequate renderings
  • Encourage students to appreciate and express creative work as the worshipful reflection of God’s beauty, power, and inspiration
  • Introduce students to masters’ works of the Western culture
  • Equip students to knowledgeably use a variety of art media

MUSIC:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Train students to sing knowledgeably, joyfully, and skillfully to the Lord on a regular basis
  • Systematically instruct the students in the fundamentals of vocal and instrumental music
  • Enrich the teaching of Scripture through the teaching of many classic, meaningful hymns
  • Encourage the students to select some area of music, vocal or instrumental, to pursue on their own
  • Appreciate good music as the worshipful reflection of God
  • Provide the opportunity for vocal and instrumental pursuit in the secondary years
Physical Education

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Systematically work with the students to teach them basic exercises and game skills (throwing, hitting, kicking, catching etc.)
  • In cooperation with the families, encourage the students to knowledgeably establish and maintain good health and nutritional habits
  • Promote physical health and teach good stewardship of the bodies God has entrusted to us, through activities requiring cooperation and general good sportsmanship

LOGIC: Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Teach students to think clearly
  • Teach students to synthesize and analyze information beginning with puzzles and culminating in a formal logic class

OVERALL:  Bloomfield Christian School seeks to

  • Train the student in self-discipline and responsibility based on submission to God and respect for all other authority
  • Develop a servant’s heart by teaching attitudes of love and respect for all mankind, because all are made in the image of God
  • Foster possession of a Christian world view in the student and train him to articulate this by integrating this Biblical view in all his disciplines as a student and contributor in God’s kingdom
  • Encourage and assist the student to seek and obey the will of God
  • Assist the student in understanding his special calling and equip him to use it for God’s glory in His Kingdom
  • Impart Biblical attitudes regarding the stewardship of time and material possession and to encourage the student to exercise this responsibility for God’s glory
Other Highlights of the Year

Other Highlights of the Year

BCS offers many opportunities for enrichment of classroom studies. Students participate in various competitions and performances annually such as the Math Olympics, National Latin Exam, ACSI Spelling Bee, sixth grade Shakespeare play, Solo & Ensemble, and in-house Speech Meet. Beginning in kindergarten, students are trained in public speaking, culminating in a capstone–their Senior Thesis defense. Field trips also enhance the curriculum, everything from a week at Wolverine Science Camp, local excursions to the Detroit Institute of Art and Greenfield Village, a day with the Board at Stratford Festival of Canada, and an extensive Senior Trip to Europe. Secondary students also have protocol training in elegance and etiquette to prepare them for a special formal evening of dining and entertainment.