Mr. Geary Maiuri

Headmaster (Interm)


The school is blessed to have a group of teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject matter, care deeply about each student, are committed to modeling Christ in their lives and are determined to learn and apply the Classical model of education in new and better ways each year. We consider our faculty to be our greatest strength, and many of our teachers have been on staff for most of the school’s existence. Through the care and nurturing of the students by our faculty, deep relationships are built and an overall sense of the school as a “family” is developed, which transcends any statistics on student/teacher ratios. Our teachers are able to mentor the students both in and out of the classroom.

Mrs. Becky Snider


Mrs. Sara Partyka

1st Grade

Mrs. Jean Homrich

2nd Grade

Mrs. Julie Boyle

3rd Grade

Mrs. Delena Ollila

Artist-in-Residence Orchestra and Chamber Singers

Mr. Matthew Hazelton

Athletic Director, History, Logic, and Physical Education

Mr. Clinton Collister

Bible, History, and Chapel Leadership

Mrs. Mary Jean McRoberts

Math and Science

Ms. Amanda Cruz

Math and Science

Mrs. Roseann Backos

Physical Education

Mr. Chad Lewis

Rhetoric, Bible, Latin

Ms. Julia Cruz

Spanish and Club BCS Director


Mrs. Rhonda Gould

Office Manager and Accounting

Mrs. Sarah Kohnert

Assistant to Headmaster and Art K-4

Mr. Everett Greenleaf

Facilities Manager

Mrs. Lu McKay

Media Manager

Mrs. Denise Sandoval

Curriculum Development

Mrs. Nicole Ihrie

Development and Admissions

Mrs. Nancy Elliott

Teacher Aide and Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Debra Buss

General Administration