At Cotillion, Meadow Brook Impresses BCS – and Vice Versa

One of the sublime objectives of Bloomfield Christian School is to proclaim Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our recent Cotillion at historic Meadow Brook Hall showed that as His “bold ambassadors,” BCS students can witness their faith even in how they eat – and how they dance.

We know this is the case because, year after year, the most impartial observers of our students at this event tell some of us from BCS how much they enjoy our use of their breathtaking facility. Even in the twelfth year of our annual Cotillion, several Meadow Brook staff people and managers made a point of complimenting the demeanor of our students and parents, of expressing enthusiasm for the event, of pointing out what a positive impression we make – and, in some cases, of contrasting our behavior with that of other organizations that rent the facility for events for youth.

Is there anything better than witnessing Christ to the world while dining on filet mignon and executing a grand Promenade on the dance floor? The chance to demonstrate our faith rather organically isn’t the primary purpose of Cotillion, of course – it isn’t why we have chosen to make this event a tradition at BCS and one of the highlights of the school year. We love to stage Cotillion each year because it presents an opportunity for our high-school students to experience edifying, educational and fun Christian fellowship in a school-sponsored venue. In so doing, they also learn the richness of proper diversions, the Christian way to treat members of the opposite gender, how fun classical foursquare and ballroom dance can be, and even how to fill out a dance card — charming vestiges of the way we used to entertain ourselves.

They also get a chance to show their mastery of etiquette they’ve been learning through BCS’s Protocol program for high-schoolers. It’s the final, and maybe the most important, touch in producing well-rounded and socially confident graduates. Beyond Cotillion, Protocol teaches our students the increasingly rare ability to fare well with others by treating them with proper respect and care, a skill that will help them succeed in all walks of life. Just by the way they conduct themselves at their annual Cotillion, BCS students produce some of the finer fruits of the Spirit. And we know the world has been watching.

Written by Debbie Buss

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